Write an eCourse

One of the hardest parts of creating a product in the internet marketing arena is getting people to take action. Yet the benefit is that if you write an e-course for people who take action you’re far more likely to get them to buy something form you.

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How I Publish an eCourse

This is all done in a lightning quick manner. I write articles on the subject of my niche and send them out ascourseone style hitsually, using an autoresponder.

I break down the article into 5 to 7 parts. These are 6 articles that I submitted to article publishers in the week prior. I’d suggest that you write at least 10 articles; however, on the last one I sent 2 because I don’t like having to go and follow up with each individual.

Single topics over 7 things in one article.

Two topics should make up each of you 7 topics.

I send out my eCourse to my ezine list at least a day before I send my articles to ezines to be distributed. For example, I just composed this eCourse style on Monday night and sent it out to my email list today, on Wednesday, so for today’s information I wrote 4 eCourses that originated from 4 separate articles.

So for a 7 day eCourse, I would mail 20 articles one day ( equivalent to 1 day of eCourse), 4 on Monday and 8 on Thursday.

This works no better than sending six eCourses in one sitting, just it’s easy for the visitors, and you’ll make more money with less work. Very simple.

How Much of an eCourse Should You Need?

There are many ideas about how much to send and I’ve done it all. So one day I sent 4 emails, 4 of 7 topics, and 1 day one was on the topic of how to write articles.

Here’s what I sent on that topic;

Here is a step-by-step guide on writing a successful article so you can get free traffic to your web site.

This is a great example of how I break it down. If I was to send all my visitors from this quality piece of paper that I wrote to a sales page, I’d expect to make between $1000 and $5000 every single day.

So what I do is send all my traffic to one sales page which nets me between $1000 and $5000 per day for one particular month. I then recommend that my subscribers buy something.

If they don’t buy something, I tell them that I’ve given them a great free eCourse, but I am going to use it over again in the future for another article.

If my subscribers simply don’t like what I send, then I don’t send them an eCourse at all.

Because I know exactly what each subscriber is worth to me, and because I know that my subscribers like lots of my emails, I know that I can create a multiple streams of income for myself using my subscribers.