Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Website With These Four Steps

Article marketing, also known as Bum Marketing, is one of the easiest ways to drive targeted traffic to your website. bum marketing is known for it’s simplicity and ease of use. Bum marketing is made up of four steps, when average affiliate marketers master these 4 steps, the lots of targeted traffic you will receive will be endless.

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1. Product Research:The first step in bum marketing is product research. Internet users are constantly looking for something that will solve their problem or improve their day to day life. The question is, how will you help them? Research the good you can and then write the content. Once you have written the content, head over to PPC or pay per click sites and put up your adverts that will result in more money.

2. Ad- improvise:After you have a pretty good idea what product your going to market your done for the next step. Take your content even further and start writing content that will appeal to your target group. Study the top results on Google and adjustments you can make their look right. Since so many people are doing bum marketing, this is an easy way to get information about anything. Simply go to Google and type in the term and take note of what’s listed.

3. Market with Article Marketing:Once you have an idea of what interests your target group you can begin writing content that will be useful and informative to your audience. Use longtail keywords that only have 3 – 5 words in them. You will want to make your article appear on the first page where people are always looking for what you have to offer. You want to give your audience what they want. This will begin a series of valuable initial marketing steps to get your content and your website indexed which will draw in traffic to your content.

4. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat:This step must be repeated on a daily basis for maximum results. Take an article you just created and head over to your favorite web 2.0 site like Hub Pages or Squidoo and write a new article. The steps you must take in each fourth step will be discussed, so you must do all of them before you can expect a ton of results.

Bum marketing is a simple way to drive focused long-term traffic to your website without breaking your bank. Once you have the basics down it is easy to add different tactics to make the system work even better for you. Bum marketing is perfect to start out with because it is guaranteed to work all the way. The points I discussed in this review is pretty easy to do and once you start getting it together, build a system that works for you. This system is almost guaranteed to work for you.