outperforming CRM With Salesforce

Just as the cell phone and internet have paved way for a newer generation to be part of the mainstream, the advent of Salesforce.com is setting the stage for business to be rethink their sales strategy.

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Salesforce is one of the largest SaaS applications that delivers CRM solution that can support both in-house and outsourced customers and sellers. It is also a platform that helps small and mid-sized businesses and organizations to conduct their business effectively. Here are some of the must-have features when you consider implementing Salesforce.com CRM on the Salesforce platform.

o There is a paid subscription management plan. If you purchase the PDS (Professional Data Service) plan, you will get a paid subscription to let you use its Cloud-based CRM application. Architecture on Salesforce is also premises on a cloud, so you can use both the services of Salesforce while being technically settled at the same time.o Also the PDS (Professional Data Service) plan gives you a lot of options in terms of Cloud-based CRM components. You can use don the software in-house, outsource to Salesforce and even in combination.o But what if you want to use third-party components?o What about Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps?o What about Chatter and opertaionsome other features that are part of the Salesforce.com CRM components?o In the case of Salesforce there are several packages that are fairly high end and neatly integrated with the software. But what if you want to use a non-Salesforce (And freemium) component?o Then how will you integrate the CRM software with Facebook, Skype, Google Analytics, YouTube, etc?o How about Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office? Salesforce only targets small and mid-sized businesses, so if you are a small business you might not have access to Salesforce.com

Aside from integrating with Facebook, YouTube, Google Analytics, there are some other components and add-ons that can be extremely helpful for your business. And they are all offered in the Software Center.

The Suite

o Every aspect of the software is monitored, automatically, in the Software Center.o Every email in and out goes through Salesforce.com disguised as anOutlookflow datasource.o For partners/merchants there is an option of using the Salesforce.com CRM while working in partnership with Microsoft.o If you are a Microsoft Access user, you can use freely available built-in objects from the CRM.

The add-ons

o F ento Tools: to support online stores.o Next launched – mobile app development for the Smartphone (based on MS Windows Live integrate with a sample database).o completely redesigned checkout process that includes banking transaction processing and credit card transaction processing now let’s you make offline payments.o An option of Cloud-based storage from Salesforce.com is available now.o New feature: dubbedicedescription. It is a dynamic recording and editing app that automatically logs the users dictation into the phone.o Salesforce.com customize apps is allowing partners and SMB’s to build their own personalized third-party apps.

What’s your take on Salesforce.com CRM? How do you see it fitting into your business model development?

Cover photo by Sam Edwards via Flickr.