Running out of Toner May Cost You Plenty

In my early life, I started out of school as a financial analyst. A big part of my job was gathering financial information, organizing it and preparing presentations for senior management for their review. What does this have to do with toner you ask? Plenty!

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I would need to print at least 50 copies of the presentation and many copies before that as drafts. Inevitably, running out of toner meant I would have to start all over. Don’t forget you can purchase generic toner for less than half the price at your local Wal-Mart, but I’d recommend not buying it. Mainly because no matter how much they cut down on the toner, you will still be spending money on something either we bought or rented.

One time I was working on aandsite project for a client. The details of the project were fairly simple; we had a sign that read “Business on the Avenue.” This was fancy stuff so I didn’t think it was necessary to use the “branded” cartridges from the big companies like Xerox, but I did my homework and found that ” compatible ” cartridges were actually less expensive. I think we used “compatible” cartridges for about a month before we were desperately running out of toner. I personally don’t have a big problem with buying “compatible” cartridges.

In fact I might go so far as to say that they are better to buy “compatible” cartridges. After all they will be made to work with your equipment which is a major since you will be using your own unique brand of toner. So if you are environmentally minded, it’s your choice.

There are a few things you should look for when buying your toner however. The top three things to look for are compatible toners, low quantity cartridges, and compatible/refill packs.

Compatible Toner

What are compatible toners? Compatible toners are brand new from top to bottom and are made from brand new parts. They will fit in your printer exactly the same way it was manufactured. The only difference is that they are made from recycled parts which allow you to put them in any brand of your choice. So of the four options, compatible toners are the best of four.

Low quantities

If you print heavily then you may be in need of a lower quantity cartridge. There are usually a good number of cartridges available even though they are on sale. You can get a deal on a single cartridge or a discounted cartridge. The deciding factors are what brand of cartridges you use and your patience.

Use your best judgment to make the decision that is best for you.

If you print everyday, you may be one of the first people to print documents in color who needs to purchase a color printer. Learning to print in black and white will help you decide on a compatible toner. Make sure that you check the price of a drop of black and white ink versus the price of a full cartridge of black and white ink. The choice is yours!

Use the same brand of printer that you use for other office documents and mail out in color. Multi-brand printers are compatible, but brand new cartridges will always give you more cost savings.

Use generic ink. Just because it’s generic doesn’t mean it’s not rated. Make sure you buy your ink online or go to the store that your ink will be shipped to and ask them if they stock what you’re looking for. generic ink is not guaranteed to be the same quality as the branded stuff but it will hold the same rapid pace.

Buy your ink online and save money. Take a few minutes out of your day and go through the Dell printer and printer ink website. It may be difficult to say the best website for your printer but you’ll be able to get the best results. If you have never bought your ink online before, do the research. is a great place to start. search for “ink” print and have a look around.

You’ll be able to print forems with this one printer. It’s simple to use, holds plenty of ink, and the price is competitive. It may not be as durable as other top printers, but for what you’re really looking for, it is a good option.