Make Extra Cash Online – How to Do Your Market Research

Ok, I will just like to start out by sharing I have learned from the best and I will share how I tried going about using the Internet for free to make money.

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Read it again as it will help you with the whole point of market research.

What I did to get started and what I suggest you doing too is that you go to Google and type in the area you are interested in under the “place holder” keyword you have chosen in your niche, then always try to find out what the search volume and the competition are for this exact word, in this example I will use internet marketing for the example.


If you have a website already or thinking of setting up one, then I would suggestion you first create the name of your site and then write 5 or more keyword phrases that you feel are highly related to your website. Now it’s possible to do your niche research for free online, just go to Google, type in the areas you want to research, then click on the “inspect” link in the search bar and then make note of all the words that come up, those are the people you are looking for in order to come up with the keywords for your niche.

You will also need a good quality Google AdWords keyword tool, do not hesitate to get one yourself, I use, Ive found it’s really good I will tell you that.

You are looking for word phrases and not new words, remember keywords are what your site is all about and you are trying to reach and attract those people who are in need of what your site has, people who will buy your product or services.

Once you have all you keyword phrases it is time to see how popular those are online and what your competition is doing.

Once you have all your keywords setup all you need to do as far as the research is concerned is to conduct massive research on each keyword phrase or as much of it as you can. Here is a free way I try to think of the type of person who is going to buy my product.

That will give you a general point I believe. Example

I have what I believe are “3 analys prime keywords” which I think are “Affiliate, Work from Home, Make Money Online”.

You might be thinking the same thing. You may want to ask yourself

If my niche is work at home, how much time are they going to generate after they’ve been making money online?

What will they need to do to reach their goals and dreams?

Get into the heads of your ideal buyer and find out what they REALLY want.

Then it’s simple get traffic to those words or phrases.

Once you start receiving traffic you can easily start to set up a few high ticket products in this niche and watch your bank account grow.