Article Marketing – The 4 Tools That Work

“If you’re going to be reading emails, I should get the 90 dollar info-product package I signed up for.” I keep hearing that one.

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How is that brand new package going to make you more money? How will it cleanse your inbox? Buy the latest trial package to stop all those embarrassing hillbase emails and save you weeks of nonsense.

To remove those barriers, I am going to tell you the 4 tools that I personally use to generate loads of daily visitors.

Four must have tools for increasing your website traffic

1) E-Mail Arbitrage

This technique has been used ever since man started using emails. It involves using your opt-in email list to send e-mails to the people on it. By using this technique, you will successfully catch people who may have been interested in your product or someone you perceived as an affiliate. I will focus on a small niche with an how to guide, but on the basic level, you can get the idea. I could tell you about this to make you get the list for free or just to spark your imagination. In both cases, I have managed to get these names and email addresses before affiliate marketers and you still get the mailing list for free.

2) Article Marketing

To generate steady subscribers and make them subscribe to your mailing list, you will need to work at getting these people to visit your website. This technique works only when you are promoting your own e-zine or article. Keyword generating is going to help improve the content of the copy on your websites when you write articles that you can use for e-mail marketing or maybe doing a free service for an affiliate.

3) Viral Marketing

I heard of a great viral product but I thought it was a scam. Because of this e-mail I sent to my list, it got published in a news article and I only achieved a 0.0009% opt-in rate.

My visitors came from that article and the people reading it were interested in the subject

4) Affiliate Marketing

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Offer products that don’t make a difference for a better ROI

4 must have tools for generating visits

1) EzineArticles

2) Free Classifieds

3) List Builder

4) Advertising

In conclusion, that’s it. The list of online marketing tactics and techniques that I share with you includes marketing with an opt-in e-zine, articles, viral marketing, soul once a week emails, why you want to start up an e-zine, why you need a good list of buyers, building traffic with a list of prospects, e-mail Arbitrage, autoresponder and a number of other tactics.