accumulated savings of a distributed network with shared file system – SDS and DMBS involvement

In today’s business environment, where there is a constant requirement to store and access a variety of data from a wide variety of sources, computer networks play an important role in establishing and supporting an information system. These networks not only store the information, but also store the desired sources of that information, and some of the required media, which are usually also stored on the network as well. upto90% of all computer networked systems out there have redundant links.

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For the purpose of making this simpler, let us assume that a company has issued a Computer Data Management System or CDMS which manages its data i.e. Computerriage System. Now, PST is the abbreviation of computer system partition.

A Computer Data Management System (CDSMS) is a computer system designed and developed in order to store and arrange documents, images, objects, files, records, and protocols. A CDMS supports the following operating systems – Windows NT4, 2000, 2003, XP and Vista.

Now, how the information can be saved in a computer readable format and then transmitted from one host computer to another is essential to understand. The computer will function as a media or medium as the data is transferred from one host computer to another. The name, structure, contents and format of the information may vary from computer to computer, but it is significant to understand what the information is and how it functions when transmitted across the network. The basics include Creating a computer readable format file which contains text, images, graphics, protocols and other information in the form in which it would be readable by computers.

The content of a computer readable format is usually organized in hierarchical manner. In other words, medical transcription software usually contains a hierarchical database in which it stores both the text as well as the graphics or other information of the nature contained in the document. The data is further organized into tree like structure by considering each type of information contained in the document such as type of text, images, graphics, video, etc.

The computer readable format is also termed as electronic documents or electronic mail. It is mainly utilized by companies who do business online and who need to maintain a substantial amount of data in a communication medium. Medical transcription software is essential for those who maintain medical transcription notes and who do their work on computers instead of having somebody read the complete report or information from a microphone. These types of software are mainly found in platforms supporting or running the Windows operating system.

Now,Ms medical transcription softwareis not as complicated as it may seem to be. It is divided into client and server and the structure of the software is simple enough that anybody who possesses a basic knowledge of computers and software can operate it. Not only that, with the advancement of technology, it is getting more user friendly which opens a lot of possibilities for the transcription companies, the medical transcription workers and the client. As long as there would be business need for it, there would be a need for this type of software.