How To Choose a Mentor When You Are New To Internet Marketing?

Have you ever been to a website that asked the visitor to give his/her credit card details? But you really didn’t know where the person was located and you couldn’t really find anyone else on the site?

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The question then is:

How did you choose the right person to talk with?

The person whom you will talk with is the Guru.

The Guru is the person who has created a product, put together a website and done all the hard work that you will have to do.

The person you will talk with is your helper.

Mentors are people that are in the website business.

These people you will find in one of two places:

Following your mentor: A mentor will provide you with a specific strategy that will get you on the right track.

You will be part of 90% of the people reading this article, but the guru will already know the strategy and will be taking that strategy right through to the end.

Mentors are different to gurus because they will not be selling you anything at the moment. These people will be giving you instructions and strategies on how to use the product they are giving you access to buy.

There is still the exception, people who do give you a good strategy and the product and will motivate and inspire you to put what they are telling you to the test.

Don’t get me wrong, you will be tempted to buy a product because of a good mentor, but what I am really saying is that if you are like me, when I first started on the Internet, I was full of curiosity but I had no experience and was at a complete loss and I needed that new experience and much more. I had no way to actually contact a mentor so I looked for a mentor to teach me what I wanted to know.

So why was I more successful than the average Joe because of the mentor? I think it was because I had someone to go to.

So those are the difference between gurus and just normal people like you.

A good mentor will show you the information you need to know from day 1. There are tricks and tips and tricks but you can get that information you need from the free information they give you.

A good mentor will interact with you on a one to one basis, it’s as simple as that.

These next 3 things are the golden rules to find a good mentor:

>>You will need to ask questions:As you are searching for a mentor, you need to be sure that you are asking the right questions. There are two types of question you need to ask:

“How much will it cost.”(Of course you want to have some idea of what it will cost. But don’t be hasty.)

“Is there anything I need to learn first?”(This is very true. Ask a few of your friends what they think before you buy.)