Search Engine Optimization – Get My Site On The Front Page

Three weeks ago I got a call from a college buddy of mine named ” Tim”. He’s been a realtor inDs just about as far as I know. Tim’s background is in sales and real estate investments. He owned a place on the beach in Becoming, stakes in fishing and surfboard shops. When Tim came by our offices he offered me some great advice that would help me be more efficient with my real estate site atose of maximizing my web traffic.

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After we talked long enough about my real estate site I figured he knew what to do. He’s a terrificwriter, with tremendouslywriterly blogs, he could do the process for me. “Cheers Tim” I said.

Tim practically advanced beyond my expectations. He goes way beyondGoogling minimal SEOand tuning up your site for search engines.

complementing my initial assessment with additional SEO analysis. He found that my synopsis was ideal and showcases what I want to do for the site, under a generic search term such as California Home Estates. He also found that yes indeed I could rank for that term, on the front page of Google, in the 12th position.

After a short chat with another real estate agent he also referral us to a site that Tim obtained #1 in Google for his client. This is a real estate site that has a lot of success and a lot of traffic both from links and from their site being optimized for the search engines. If I had found timeliness in this area I would have been much more inclined to order from him. But alas, I just wanted to try out the search term and see what came up.

Tim also recommended a site called “Top Realtor” that also proved very helpful in showing me how to improve my site. You can visit their site to find out more about them. When we talked I mentioned that I was using the site exclusively for blogging and research and that I primarily work with GDI, he mentioned that they do provide some great free tools.

I actually work with GDI (Google Directories) for my real estate site. But you have to be weird about it to get them to work with you. They don’t pick unnecess industrial sites like Nielsenrock or whatever. And they don’t accept just any site. You have to have a real estate site that is also industry related. They want you to have plus standings that are PR4 and others. Plus these are sites that are very authoritative and could be a problem for Google to handle.

They don’t work for free. The last time I checked they allow you to input a few keywords and they find the ones that are appropriate for you. They’re a bargain, if you can find a site that works for you and you have the money for it.

So when you’re looking for your listing don’t forget about the search engines. Look for QUALITY traffic. And make sure that the site Lets Search engines find your site so they can scan it properly to find your webapgesis. You need to make sure that you’re showing up in Google’s searches.

You can use a free service called “Google Keyword Tool” to find out if you have the right keywords for your site. This is a great way to spend some time generating extra income.

So they have been spending a great amount of time and money to make sure they could get to the top sites in Google so people could find them. Now you can too!