Office 2007 – What’s New in Word 2007

Word 2007 is the latest version of this popular word processing software package and includes many improvements. It offers an enhanced interface and tools that are easy to use. The new OpenType typographic feature is intended to make typing clear and easy to read. It enables users to use curved or supportive text and ensure that all typefaces are displayed correctly. The new Stencil feature enables users to customize shapes for exact fitting purposes. The palette displays all font styles in a similar manner, i.e. Web-safe defaults to the ribbon bar, but within each colour/lined typeface are shown in a different manner.

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The frequently used commands are Quick Print and Page Layout; the user can program these to automatically print the document at pre-determined settings. But when printing the page, the user can manually select the print colour bar display, currently hidden, and specifies the location of the bar.

Microsoft Word can also automatically insert the chosen images and text as part of the document. This is done by opening the document and clicking the Office Button. Then selecting the Word icon will reveal a menu allowing the user to select the original document text, image or combination of text and image. The user can insert the image in either an attached document to the end of the current document or as a background to the current document. This is usually done by placing the image in the desired location and adding the text.

With a document layout, users can add page numbers, add centring, print title and accidental page numbers, and add insc SEME and legend. But the most significant feature is the new Read Mode. Read Mode is designed to simulate the way a person reads text while scanning a document. The Read Mode requires users to click on the command button first, and then scan the document. But if the user held down the control key while Scan In, the button to scan is activated. Shielding text in a document is a common feature used in document formatting. Users can now Shield a text by changing the font size, in order to reduce the size of the text.

The Grammar function is also improved, and the user now has an option to makeDefinition andthen grammatically correct texts. This function now includes over 50 additional corrections including diminutive, common invention, comma, scrachtology, historical Edit,ire correct usage, and others. Microsoft Word can now include the most common accounting terms and quickly convert them into verbatim using the special new conversion feature. Microsoft Word can also convert documents from Adobe format to protect documents and make it suitable for ePub format. Microsoft Word can make suggestions for alternative spellings for a word when the user alters the correct spelling. This feature is very useful in certain medical terms. It also includes a historical note feature that displays a tally of the most recent conversions.

Professional templates and new layout options are helpful for creating documents. Users can create care plans, payrolls, legal documents, business proposals, and other business documents with ease using the new layout menu. A toolbar control panel is available and functional tools are improved.