How to Choose the Best Outsourcing

Outsourcing is the answer to almost every business problem. Of course it serves many purposes, but it also involves a number of concerns. The companies who choose outsourcing feel the lack of control over the choice of the programmer.

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Software development process includes many processes and stages. Such complicated models make it difficult for choosing the right programmer. If you are one of the businessmen who are interested in taking advantages of outsourcing strategies, then you first need to assess your needs and put them through a rigorous selection process.

Earlier, when the idea of outsourcing was not introduced yet, the companies were at a loss about how to choose a good programmer. Many times they sent their resumes to the offshore locations and some of them got the shortlisting, some got the best candidates while some got the unlucky ones.

These days the models have become more advanced and improved with passing years. Apart from getting a structured screening process, the companies now also get the facility of 24/7 client support and check whether the contract is being fulfilled properly or not.

A number of people are working on the outsourced projects. Their competencies vary across a range of areas like web development, software design, Java programming, SAP Access, Oracle programming, Flash and multimedia development.

So now the question arises-How to choose the best vendor in the above given cases? You cannot choose several vendors, as each will charge you a different amount. You need to analyze the projects of your competitors and see which one can work out cost-effectively.

So here is what businessmen needs look out for? First is that the vendor should be very familiar with the industry they cater to. They must know the language used by the company, the average productivity of the team they have organized for the project and the client’s needs. If they do not have that specialized knowledge then they may return with2002 or 2003 charges instead of 2004 or 2005.

The second point is that they should be able to provide efficient communication and interaction. Seems easy to handle the customers, helps you create effective business proposal and it is right time to intermingle with the offshore team.

Thirdly they should have a very good experience providing IT infrastructure development and deployment. If the vendor does not have that experience, they may loose reputation and lose projects to other vendors.

Risks involved in outsourcing: Outsourcing has a lot of benefits but at the same time it is associated with some risks. They are mentioned below:

The company can go bankrupt if the outsourced project goes wrong.

Outsourcing has both upsides and downsides. It depends on the quality of vendor in terms of development and results.

Beware of vendors who present invalid experience. They are not capable of delivering good results. Look for valid experience and references only.

The costs of software development can vary dramatically according to the complexity and technology used. Most outsourced projects include regular payments, work across versions, so known bug fixes, software maintenance and support in majority of cases.

So what are you waiting for?