Content Marketing – How To Put Your Website Visitors On Growth15

Content marketing is a term that you’ll frequently come across in the world of internet marketing. The simplest definition of content marketing is the process of building content and then marketing that content to your target audience. In simple terms, content marketing is basically creating content designed to get people interested in what you have to offer.

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The truth is that content marketing goes far beyond writing a few blog posts or making a few videos and then putting them online. In truth, there are many types of content that you can use to get the attention of your target audience. Here are a few examples:

1) News-type articles.

2) Analysis type articles.

3) In-depth articles.

4) E-books.

5) Software guides.

6) testimonials.

7) Online minisites.

8) Online trade shows.

9) Annotated B-2 files.

Of course, if you are selling a product or service it is always wise to mention the raising hype around it at the expense of paying the search engines to keep mentioning it. After all, you’ve got to get that traffic back to your website and then convert them into sales.

Existing Content.

Newsworthy events.

Newsworthy actions (picking up tips from an old guest post for example).

Video material.

Existing event summaries.

RSS feeds.

Guest blog posts.

Press releases.

The above allows you to tie one-way communications to your website as a whole. This is the first and most obvious way to start when putting content out on the internet, but also the most ignored. It is often neglected because it takes time to produce and it can be time consuming and boring. And let’s face it, there is no point spending days writing and publishing great content, only to have it Secondly on Google search results. That traffic is going to be doing you no good.

The various publishing platforms can also produce great benefits. There are basically four publishing platforms that are used by a lot of big time online marketers: WordPress, Ezine, sinsem taxa and Squidoo. Of these, WordPress is the most popular. It is a simple Content Management System that is super simple to use. There are literally hundreds of great WordPress plugins that will help make WordPress even easier to use. It is way too wide open these days and it is way too easy to make mistakes with. That being said, if you have been using WordPress for a while, you will be way more comfortable using the platform.

There are also huge lists of ebooks and videos that can be found that deal with all the in’s and out’s of creating SEO and getting top search results. This is a huge learning curve to jump over, but once you do, there is software available to help you automate the whole process.

If you are trying to setup an SEO operation out of a box and get it running, it is probably best to just follow a handful of the best laid out plans and just start small. Build a few quality links and traffic and before you know it, you will be able to create a full-blown SEO operation under your belt.

Get this stuff figured out today and get on with optimizing your content, building links and generating traffic to take your business to the next level.