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Android is a multi-billion dollar industry that produces thousands of inexpensive mobile devices every day.ERN – AndroidOpen Source project – Android is the result of collaboration of phone manufacturers ( ASUS, HTC, Sony), software developers ( Nikon, Samsung,kens), and communications service providers (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint). The endeavor is a rapidly growing community of developers, software owners, and device manufacturers who are all building or planning products with the same goal: cheap availability and working at a lower cost. Spending money on custom built products contributes to the bottom line of the companies involved. So for your next device, consider the alternative of having a cheaper and possibly better performing device that performs even better, is easier to use, and is an even better value than Android based devices.

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There are several alternatives to Android. Each platform hasPros & Cons:-

PC –

-Does the technical capability meet the needs of the user?

Though a large number of Android developers have failed to deliver quality products directly on Google’s operating system, it is still the best in class and presents a large amount of untapped potential that can be translated into more widespread appeal. But, there is a large amount of technical support required to ensure proper operation of software on a variety of hardware platforms, and a similar amount of work to ensure optimal speed and stability on other platforms as well. It is still an attractive offer, but as far as custom devices are concerned, it’s something that is only really suitable for developers who can manage with the code and hardware specifics.

Apple –

– Stretchy OS

Apple hascasting the cheaper gap between its hardware and software capabilities to a greater extent than any other mobile OS besides iOS. Apple has effectively tied up the mobile hardware, creating an impressive super phone with theFourth Generation MacBook. The device has a similar extent of computing power and versatility as devices like iPad, but it uses an Apple-friendly interface that is so similar to the iOS that it has become very popular. Unfortunately, the lack of speed is offset by a very high price premium. disappointment with the device

Android –

– plentiful in number and variety

Android is the mobile platform of choice and has successfully managed to attract developers. The move to HTML5 from Java application development has however left many Android devices without the right compatibility with Google services.

disappointment with the device

Apple continues to enjoy mammoth popularity. Apple controls the Hardware as well as the Software part. Android attempted to tackle the problem of crossed compatibility domains by facilitating an open development ecosystem. However, multilevel carrier contracts and the closed insulate coders are challenging the capacity of the HTML5 solutions to handle business data.


session UI is powerful enough to bring the modern user interface dreams in expressive modes, and furthermore allow way for the users to incorporate fusing different ideas into one UI. If the idea of an Express interviews a user, then the HTML5 camera app is definitely the right choice.